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Education Bookcast

Jan 4, 2016

This is the very first episode of Education Bookcast, in which I introduce myself and the podcast. I will leave a brief introduction here in the description also.


Brief introduction to the podcast

Education Bookcast is a podcast in which I talk about one book or article relating to education per episode. The intended audience is mainly teachers and parents who would like to know more about education, but do not have the time and energy to read stacks of books or chase up references. Topics covered are very broad, and include:

- various aspects of educational psychology (such as motivation, intelligence, exam anxiety, and self-esteem);

- cognitive science (including memory research, expertise research, flow and optimal experience);

- neurology;

- cognitive, social, and character development;

- history, philosophy, and economics of education;

- teaching techniques and approaches;

- studies of great teachers;

- types of educational institutions and experiences (such as Waldorf-Steiner schools, Montessori schools, Bell-Lancaster schools, homeschooling and unschooling);

- international comparisons between education systems and outcomes;

- fields of work related to education, however tangentially (e.g. sports coaching, life coaching, mentoring, management, therapy, animal training);

...and many more.

Some of the materials I will be covering are not available in English, as I speak seven languages and sometimes read books about education in a language other than English.


Questions I answer in this episode:

- Who is this podcast for?

- What topics will the podcast be covering?

- How is the podcast structured?

- Why did I decide to make this podcast?

- Who am I?

- What's my ideology? Who's side am I on? [hint: nobody's, hopefully - I'm trying to be as objective as possible]

- Who's paying me? What am I advertising? [hint: nobody]

- Where can I be found? How can you contact me?

I'm super excited about getting this podcast off the ground! I'm looking forward to our journey together.


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